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I'm always interested in classification schemes, and via Seanan McGuire's tumblr, I discovered this one as an expansion of Harry Potter's. I like it because:

1. It does a lot of work on defining all four houses as places where both heroes and villains can come from.
2. It uses a scheme that I was already using in my head for sorting: which is to look at what people value and how they approach problems.

So, if you don't want to click the link, here's the basics:

Your 'Primary' House is the House that related to why you do things: not quite morals but how you arrive at your morals. Your 'Secondary' House is the House that details your preferred methods of doing things. They also did a lot more fleshing out of Slytherin to make it a lot more viable as something other than 'Evil Jerk House': the Slytherin Primary trait is loyalty to select individuals; while the Secondary trait is adaptability and improvisation.

They also add some complexities ('a Burned Primary/Secondary House' basically means your motivations suffered a critical failure and don't trust your moral system or your methods; Modeling a Primary/Secondary House means you can understand/use that House, even if it's not the one you default to or value most; Performing a Primary/Secondary House means you appear to use that House, even if you don't understand it). It's fascinating and I'm totally nerding it up about this.

The way I'd put myself in this system:

Primary Hufflepuff. First off, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are the 'felt' Primary Houses: they trust their gut (Slytherins do this to a small extent as well). I've watched how I reason right and wrong in my head, and I noticed that if my head gets different answers than my heart, I get unhappy until my head gets its act together. The big distinction between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff is that Lions attach themselves to ideals and Badgers to groups of people: a Gryffindor has far less problem striking off on their own if the group is wrong. (See: me and conflict avoidance. I might think you're wrong, but disagreeing with others is physically painful, as is any thing that threatens group cohesion, even if it's for a long-term good. A Hufflepuff Primary might join a revolution, but I suspect we are shitty at starting them.)

I expect I model Ravenclaw, though. When there's not an obvious 'be kind to others' or 'hey, why can't people all get along?', I'm pretty darn interested in truth and finding it and making a nice model of the universe that lives in my head and lets me predict people. Just, my gut feeling is comes back to avoiding people getting hurt.

Secondary: Ravenclaw. I make plans. I write lists. I hate doing ANYTHING on the fly, and the only time I can is if I have been secretly planning it. I read things and learn things and will google/wikipedia things because it randomly occurred to me that I didn't know something, and I should go check on that.

Also, see above comment about nerding it up whenever someone comes up with things like this. When I see things, I want to poke them, take them apart and put them back together so I understand how they work and can use them for my things.

This confirms with my typical ID on HP Sorting: someone who has Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw traits, but the Hufflepuff ones are the ones I value more.

And now I want to apply this to characters. Onward!
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