May. 9th, 2017 09:43 am
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I dreamt I was in this fantasy world with two groups of people. Mine were having a spat of poor luck, and we discovered our neighbors had this ritual thing performed on a certain date at an unknown place, and we thought maybe if we did it instead we'd get better or something. So first we were sneaking through a university, but misjudged when everyone would be asleep and got into a giant fight. things got disjointed for a bit (since I think we surrendered after realizing how many people we'd need to kill to escape), when me and another person were wandering through the wastes and happen upon a really high tech science station. The two scientists who run it are happy to help us get where we need to get going... only then we run into monsters that petrify people and it turns out my fantasy species can shrug that off and the other ones can't. So, my companion and I try to continue on, only she gets caught in collapsing woodwork and tells me to leave her. I do, and stumble upon the person who is doing the ritual who is surprisingly reasonable about letting it benefit both groups. I take home a lot of seeds for next year's harvest, and discover that my companion (who was family or something) did survive.

My brain is remarkably good at piecing together a narrative out of dreams. I never do much with them, but I like thinking that I could (with a lot more work to make this make sense in terms of motivations).
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