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So, I kickstarted a tabletop RPG book based on the Schlock Mercenary webcomic, a comedy space-opera about a group of mercenaries that has been running since 2000 (and it turns out you can do a lot of worldbuilding in 17 years, even with a newspaper-strip format and a goal to be funny). The book is written under the conceit that is was released in-world by an arms dealer to help mercenary companies with training their infantry> That's cool, but the Dresden Files RPG also did that.

The neat thing is that the Game Chief (GM) section has a section on "Player Accessibility", and it does two things. The first is that out of game, it suggests tips both for accommodating visual, audio and mobility issues, as well as social anxiety/shyness, poor improvisation skills, inability to read social cues, and triggers. Like, acknowledging 'hey, if you have a deaf/hard of hearing player, make sure information is also conveyed visually' as well as 'triggers are no fun, so talk to a player experiencing discomfort and see if knowing the plot twist ahead of time helps'. Generally acknowledging that it is hard for everyone to have fun if they have to deal with difficulties in parsing what is going on or contributing to it.

The other thing is, since the book is an in-world document, is to convey the idea that the 31st century Milky Way Galaxy is a place where multi-species gathering places find accessibility concerns normal. While some of the aliens and various uplifted species in setting are bipedal, roughly 1.5-2 m tall and have all the same senses as humans, many are not. And some require accommodations to exist in human-dominated space (or just don't bother and telecommute from somewhere that is not a hostile alien environment). One can easily set a tone for how cosmopolitan some place is by noting what species have trouble (if any). (Individual setting descriptions do comment on places large species, or even larger species might have trouble.)

So it's writing that is both useful out of game and in-game. Which is another reason to celebrate it.
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