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So, continuing on my rewatch of Utena, I can't help think FATE (particularly the quick version FATE Accelerated Edition) would make a great game system for a game like Utena, because Utena's duels make no sense in terms of actual skill, but perfect sense in terms of psychological or ideological battles that happen to involve swords and roses.

Basically FATE allows for 'skills' that either are real skills for realistic games, or are more like FATE Accelerated's approaches: (careful, clever, flashy, forceful, quick, and sneaky). Both systems also have 'Aspects' which are general traits that can either help or hurt you. For instance, 'Issues with a Sibling' is an important trait to your character, your opponent can use it to her advantage provided it's known about IC and there's a justification as to how that can hinder you in this circumstance. Or you can explain how that makes you better able to fight this duel for a bonus to the roll. So, overall you can ending up with a conflict that's really about the presence/absence of miracles or reclaiming one's sense of self after a devastating blow than 'who is better at swords?'.

(You can put those 'skills are skills' rules back into place and have a GM that doesn't use things like the weird symbolic secret forest dueling arena and end up with a game where a duel really only answers 'who is better at swords'.)

(Of course, now I'm thinking of the descriptions I've read of WoW's Sidereal Exalted where some character abilities involve weaponizing concepts, so you could literally turn 'belief in miracles' into a weapon.)
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So, I've blogged about this before: I get ideas from seeing things that either are ideas executed badly, or are ideas that the author just takes in a different direction than I would. When I read Matched, I noted that I was a bit disappointed that the cover copy was basically 'Girl grows up in society where people are paired via computer. Girl gets paired with Boy1 as her ideal match. Girl starts falling for Boy2, who may also be her ideal match.' The overall plot is pretty much 'utopic city with seedy underbelly covered up' + romance, when I discovered I'd rather read about the ramifications of the Match system. For that matter, when I read Mercedes Lackey's Five Hundred Kingdoms series at first I wanted to read about Elena and Co. dismantling the Tradition, a sort of Law of Nature that pushes things into story patterns and lends magical power when these patterns are followed, rather than the romance plots + using the Tradition to ensure happy endings without any of the awful stories coming true.

Now, both were not bad books, but not what I wanted. )
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I haven't been around much, and it's annoying me. I need to catch up on the RPGs I'm in. Maybe quit playing so many facebook games.
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Don't ask me why, but it does. Maybe because tonight I have two pieces of art to finish before I'm allowing myself to sign on to RPGs and such*. So I'll probably be on Skype for company.

Also, for my doll-collecting/customizing friends: I learned today that trying to take off the lipstick on a Lagoona Monster High doll requires care or you end up staining a lot of the face vinyl with a slight pink tinge. (It doesn't look that bad, since it ended up mostly in the cheek/nose/chin area where a (red-blooded) person might be a bit pinker anyway, but worth noting.)

* Except SLT. Why can't I quit you?
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So, done some thinky meta on roleplaying games. I don't know where to post this, since [ profile] roleplayers comes off as devoted a lot more towards tabletop RPGs (run online or in real life), rather than freeform collaborative writing ones. So it gets dumped here until I decide what to do with it.

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So, I decided to review the amount of art (of original characters) I've gotten as gifts and trades this year. Which should be over, unless I get any surprise gifts for Christmas.

Long Table is Long... )


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