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Day 26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving? Harry/Ginny

More 'completely apathetic' about. It kind of flew under the radar until Harry got his love life figured out, then I started thinking about it.

One thing I like is the fact Ginny, once she gets past her crush, doesn't take shit from people. )
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So, I said on Fanficrants that I tended to think of Happy Potter Houses by 'what they want and how they prefer to get it', and was asked for details... so, here goes.

Cut for people who are sick of Harry Potter )
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Would someone be willing to look over a Harry Potter fic I wrote*? It's post-DH and focuses on Narcissa Malfoy and Andromeda Black. I ask here, before I make a post at a beta reading community.

* I've written a grand total of ONE HP fic. And somehow, a fic from 'I dare you to write Lord Voldemort/Gilderoy Lockhart slash' doesn't quite give me the confidence to write without review in the fandom. (Man, I really need to write more slash or saffic, just so that's not the only slashy fic on my resume.)
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Reading Harry Potter. Expect a spoiler-full review/reaction when I'm done. Feel free to yell at me if I flub the lj-cut. Because, knwoing my luck, the one time my journal eats my code is the time when I'm going on about who dies.
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I need to pay attention to where I click -- I accidentally caught a Harry Potter spoiler (one of the death ones) out of the corner of my eye. Enough to kind of know what it said, but not enough to be certain. Goddammit, is it Friday yet?

(For friends, that's not an invitation for spoilers. Well, except for ships -- [ profile] galuxkitty already told me the ships, and I fail to be surprised. She also said that people are upset because JKR didn't do what they wanted her to, but that's like saying that the Pope's Catholic at this point. I'm mostly trying to avoid plot spoilers and death spoilers.)

Seriously, it's not horrible -- I mean, I've accidentally spoiled myself for Serenity, despite still needing to see it, and I still want to see it. But, dammit, I want to confirm it, but want to do so in context, and I don't want to track down the leaked copy out of a misplaced sense of conscience. (Yes, I know JKR is richer than the Queen, so she's not going to care about the $2 in royalties my book would have netted her, and I'm not going to be leaking spoilers all over the internet, before or after the 21st.)

[ profile] yuuo, you have the right to laugh at me now, since heavens knows I tease you when this happens to you.
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Sweet heavens, I want to spoil someone about the ending. And then watch the fangirls freak out. Because they probably already are, and not just about trolls plastering the internet with spoilers fake and real.


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